Rottweiler and weiner dog mix

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Rottweiler and weiner dog mix

A rotty is a breed of dog originating in the United States, but which was not recognized by the American Kennel Club until 2009. The name comes from the dog's habit of digging and thus its common nickname of 'digger'. The rotty is a strong and athletic breed. It is the "biggest" in its size category and is well known for its "big heart". It is popular as a guard dog and is widely regarded for being an ideal companion dog.

The rotty is typically an all-black dog with a brownish-black body and a white undercoat, though any color variations or mix are acceptable. Other colors of dogs may have a different structure in their coat that can affect a Rottweiler.

The name "Rotty" was officially adopted by The Rottweiler Club of America, Inc. in November 2004. The breed was formed in the 1960s by combining the Rottweiler and German Shepherd, and is based upon the German wirehred Rottweiler, first appearing in the United States in 1938. The American Rottweiler is similar to the European wirehred German Shepherd, also known as the American wirehred sheepdog, but less prone to the same health problems as the German Shepherd. German shepherds are a working dog and are used extensively as pet dogs, police dogs, or military dogs. They are usually used to detect explosives, firearms, missing children, and guard homes and business. The Rottweiler is used primarily as a guard dog.


Wirehred Rottweilers, also known as German Shepherd or American Shepherds, were first brought to the United States in 1898. In that year, a purebred wirehred Rottweiler with a pedigree was purchased by the German government. He was named "Spatz" and was known as "the last of the great Rottweilers".

The German Shepherd was popularized in the United States by the film The Shepherd of the Hills, which starred Rin Tin Tin and premiered in 1928. This popularity continued with the release of The General in 1939, the first of many Rin Tin Tin movies. By the mid-1940s, the German Shepherd was widely used in the United States as a law enforcement dog. Law enforcement officers often used the German Shepherd because of its intelligence, stamina, and loyalty to its handler.

In the mid-1960s, the American Society of Dog Trners and the German Shepherd Club of America (GSCA) became aware of a new breed being developed in Germany by a breeder named Helmut Fiedler. The new breed was named "Rotweiler" (pronounced ROTE-lee-ver) and the GSCA and ASDT agreed to cooperate in the creation of a new breed. By the 1970s, Rotweiler had become widely used as a family pet, while the German Shepherd remned popular with law enforcement and other dog trners. The two breeds are still often used together, and can be easily identified by differences in conformation and appearance. There are many similarities between the two breeds. German Shepherds are generally larger and more powerful than Rotweilers, but have similar dispositions and behaviors. German Shepherds are bred for good looks and "working ability", while Rotweilers are bred to be sturdy, loyal, and energetic. Both have a reputation as "workhorses" and "bully breeds", with a reputation for guarding property and livestock.

In 1977, the first American Kennel Club (AKC) club was established in the United States, named the American Rottweiler Club (ARRC), which is now known as the Rottweiler Club of America (RCA). In 1990, the German Kennel Club (Große Deutsche Rottweiler Club) in Germany awarded the German Kennel Club's Canine World Champion title to the German Rottweiler as it recognized the popularity of the breed in the United States. In 2002, both clubs jointly organized the United Rottweiler Club of America (URCA), as a nonprofit club to promote the welfare of Rottweilers in the United States.


The head of the Rottweiler is large and prominent. A heavy, short skull is common and gives the dog a strong, intelligent, and purposeful expression. The muzzle is wide with a flat, oval nose. The eyes are bright and keen, and are round or oval-shaped. The ears are set high on the head. There are no wrinkles on the face, and the coat is curly and dense. The top coat can be light or dark. The coat of the adult may be white, red, black, tan, or brown. Other color varieties are avlable, including liver. There are different patterns, including the solid white or solid red, black or black and white, and liver. The height, from withers to ground, of the male is usually and that of the female with being typical. The coat should be thick and dense, and grow out.


The Rottweiler is an athletic breed. It is agile and eager to work. The head and neck are strong, alert, and powerful, and the shoulders are muscular. It is hardy, determined, and strong. As an independent hunting and defense dog, it does not have a tendency to chase or fight with other dogs. The breed is used for tracking, police work, herding, hunting, and other duties. The Rottweiler is an excellent watchdog and defensive animal. It has a sharp, pointed ear and a large, flat face. Rottweilers, as with any dog, can become bored and frustrated if not trned properly and in conjunction with owners.


The Rottweiler is intelligent, healthy, active, courageous, good with children, and an excellent guard and police dog. They make good family pets.

The Rottweiler is a powerful breed that should be exercised, trned, and taken care of in order to live a long life. Rottweilers are very energetic, and they need plenty of mental and physical activity. Excessive grooming is discouraged as the coat grows out.

A healthy, properly socialized Rottweiler is very loving and responsive. The Rottweiler is an extremely affectionate breed, but it should not be left alone too much, as it needs the companionship of a human, for it is very protective of those it loves and cares for. It can be aggressive and should never be left with children, especially unsupervised, as it has a strong instinct to protect its family. The Rottweiler is an excellent guard and police dog that has a high level of aggression to protect its owner or other animals.

The Rottweiler is known to be extremely aggressive. The breed tends to be overprotective and have an extremely strong instinct to protect its family. Their aggression is usually directed toward other animals, such as other dogs, cats, and livestock. The Rottweiler is a great watch dog that makes an excellent guardian and defensive animal. This breed is extremely loyal and protective, but it can be possessive with its family and should be monitored closely to prevent this tendency.


The Rottweiler is an ancient breed with roots from many different areas of the world. The Rottweiler may be descended from the Bulldog, Boxer, or Molok, a short-legged breed, and it may be

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