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Mutt dog for sale - mia, I'm not going to make a joke about the title.

I recently came into an unexpected amount of money in an inheritance. I was lucky, and lucky again. It's a strange feeling to have this money, and then not be able to spend it. It's not like I need it, but I can't afford to buy things like food or medicine, can't put things in my apartment to cover the rent. (I don't have a car.) As such, I'm going to be keeping all of it for a while, but I wanted to share it with my friends. Anyways, here's the money I plan on giving away:

My dog's name is Mina, but I know that many people think of her as Mutt, so I'm making this post Mutt Dog For Sale. Mina has a bad leg and it is painful for her to jump, but she does it anyway, even when it hurts. The day she arrived in my life was the worst day I have ever had as a pet owner. My parents came home from work, were met with a beautiful, brown puppy with a sweet temperament. My mom cried. My dad was happy for me, and cried. And Mina cried too.

My family never had a dog growing up, so Mina came home with no training or experience. It was a lot of work, but I learned so much, and I think I can help a lot of people.

She's small, maybe ten pounds, about as tall as a medium cat. Her favorite things to do are walk around, go outside, eat, and sleep. She doesn't like the heat, but tolerates the cold. If you look at her, you may think that she's aloof, but don't be fooled. Mina has a strong bond with me, she will follow me around, and be completely devoted to me. If you love a dog, she is worth the work. If you can handle her, she can handle you. If you can't, she will let you know. You don't want to mess with Mina. She is not a mean dog, she doesn't hurt people, but she will make sure you are aware of your boundaries.

She loves to play with tennis balls and squeaky toys. She loves to run around. She loves to walk and run. She doesn't like swimming, but would rather just run in the water than be left out of the fun. I have a swimming pool, but she prefers the warm bath. She is very independent, and likes to play alone or with me.

Mina, I hope you get to enjoy the good life. You're a good, smart, and very affectionate girl.



(Your dog's name in _real_ life, if you want)


(Describe this dog in 100 words or less. Please keep the list neutral.)


**How and where did you meet your dog?**

_**Mina and I have been together for a year, and I adopted her from the SPCA. I found her alone and frightened in a yard in a big city. She was so frightened, she was shaking. She was so tiny and frightened, I couldn't help but want to take her home._

**Do you live with the dog?**


**Are you able to walk the dog?**


**Are you able to feed the dog?**


**Where did you get your dog?**


**How many dogs have you owned?**


**Describe your relationship with your current dog:**


**What kind of dog are you getting?**

She's a Doberman Pinscher.

**Which part of the Doberman are you getting?**

A male.

**Describe the dog you are getting:**

A blue-eyed male.

**Where did you go when you got your dog?**


**What kind of food did you use?**

She ate whatever food the SPCA gave her.

**Where did the SPCA send you after you got your dog?**

It was only my second meeting with her, and we're still getting to know each other. I need to learn her signals and what she likes to eat. I also need to learn what she needs to avoid. She still isn't eating much grass yet.

**How many hours a day do you spend walking your dog?**

Eight hours a day.

**How many hours a day do you spend playing with your dog?**

Three hours a day.

**How much sleep do you get per night?**

Six hours.

**Do you sleep with your dog?**

Yes, but only in the daytime. I like to get up and go for a walk around four in the morning, before everyone wakes up. My dog usually sleeps with me.

**How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?**

Half an hour.

**Do you brush your dog's teeth?**

Yes, I brush her teeth.

**How often do you brush your dog's teeth?**

Twice a week.

**How many baths does your dog get a week?**

About ten.

**How often do you bathe your dog?**

Four times a week.

**How do you like to wash your dog?**

I wash her with an old-fashioned washcloth and a rinse of warm water.

**What type of shampoo do you use?**

Flea and flea collar.

**How long has it been since your dog's last grooming?**

Last week.

**How often do you groom your dog?**

Twice a week.

**How often does your dog need grooming?**

I groom her once every three to four days.

**How much time does it take you to groom your dog?**

Half an hour.

**Do you keep your dog clipped?**

Yes, she has a short coat and I clip it.

**How long does it take you to clip your dog's nails?**

It takes about ten minutes.

**How many times a year do you get your dog to the vet?**

Twice a year.

**What do you take your dog to the

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